Roundo Plate Roll
1.25" Thick x 10 Wide Capacity.
Contact us for your heavy plate
rolling needs.
1540 East 11th St.
Concordia, KS 66901
Phone: 785-243-3895
Fax: 785-243-1804
We have a full service
fabrication shop. We perform
custom fabricating and welding
in house. We can do just about
any type of fabrication from
single part runs to complete
K1000 Pacific Press
1000 ton press with 22 foot
bed. 20'-6" between
housings. Please give us a
call to discuss any of your
heavy forming needs.
Mega Hornet 2000
Capacity 10 feet x 50 feet.

Hypertherm High Density
plasma with contour
beveling capabilities.
2 oxy fuel torch stations

Plasma - Up to 3" Carbon
Steel Plate and Alloy Plate
Oxy Fuel - Up to 9" Carbon
Steel Plate
Hyd-Mech Saw
20" x 30" Cutting Capacity
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