Gerard Tank & Steel is located in Concordia, Kansas.
The company was founded in 1979 by Joe Gerard. The
companies origins started as fabricators and erectors of
water, liquid, and dry storage tanks for municipalities,
industry, and rural water districts. While this is still our
mainstay we are also involved in custom fabrication and
erection of other types of products. This includes
carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other alloys.
Gerard Tank & Steel covers seven acres of land and
includes a 27,500 square feet fabrication facility. The
facility is equipped with some of the larger fabrication
equipment in the Midwest.

Gerard Tank & Steel is also experienced in demolition
and dismantling used tanks. If you  are replacing your
old tank with a new one, give us a call and learn how we
can take your old tank down in a safe and cost effective
manner. Please see our demolition section to view some
of our past projects.

We also offer a full range of services for your water
tanks maintenance. This ranges from repairs and
modifications to updating your tank to current

For all your heavy lifting needs, please see Hooker
Cranes, our crane rental division.
1540 East 11th St.
Concordia, KS 66901
Phone: 785-243-3895
Fax: 785-243-1804
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