Whether you need one part for your project or you are looking for a partner to fabricate and deliver a completed product, we can help make your project a success.

Services We Offer

Plate Burning

  • 10 feet x 50 feet Cutting Area
  • Plasma-Hypertherm High Definition plasma with contour beveling capabilities.
  • Up to 3″ thick Carbon Steel Plate and Alloy Plate capacity.
  • Oxy Fuel – Up to 9″ thick Carbon Steel Plate cutting capacity.

Plate Rolling

Up to 1.25” thick by 10’ wide

Angle Rolling

6″x6″x5/8″ Capacity

Brake Forming

1000 ton capacity, up 22’ length.

Click Here to go to the Pacific Press Technologies Press Brake Bending Force Calculator.

Custom Dishing/Forming

  • C-frame press with 1,000 ton capacity.
  • Capable of dishing up to 4” thick.
  • Can form double curves flares and transitions.
  • In house die design and manufacturing for custom pieces.


30”x25”x60’ Capacity


The largest galvanizing kettle in the world is located just 55 miles away, with a single dip dimension of 55′ Long x 10’6″ Wide x 12′ Deep and the ability to progressive dip 100’ long parts up to 50 tons.